I have a history of 25 years of chain smoking with numerous trials to quit. It never lasted more than a couple of weeks. So far I considered myself as not being receptive to hypnosis but I thought I’d give it a try. Bilgi opened a whole new world of therapy for me. And that is now 12 months ago and I am still far away from touching a cigarette, even when I had too many drinks.” Patrick D.

‘Hypnotherapy?  Not for me.  I don’t fancy embarrassing myself in public’, might be your first thought.  Well, don’t relate it to the hypnotherapy you see on the telly. My experience with Murat has been incredibly enlightening.  In only 3 months of visiting Murat, I have begun to align myself with completely new thought processes.   I went to Murat out of despair.  I disliked myself, following the break down of my relationship.  In fact, I disliked myself full stop.  Over the weeks, Murat has enabled me to see the light.  My light.  His use of relaxation, age regression and energy orientated modalities have so far enabled me to tap into a power I never knew existed.  I am living and breathing his therapy practices everyday.. well, most days.  I now have a Kitbag of Murat Goodies that I call upon in my hour of need and ‘just like that’, I am ready to take on my world again. Thank you, Murat.” 

I had a number of sessions with Bilgi earlier this year during I time when I was very low and scared about my future. It was the first time I’d ever had therapy but I found it an incredibly positive experience and one that really helped me pick myself up again. Bilgi really helped me to see things from a fresh perspective and gave me so much confidence in myself. I’m so much more happy and confident than I was last year and my sessions with Bilgi were the real turning point in helping me achieve this.” Claire S.

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