Murat Karamuftuoglu PhD

I am a fully qualified hypnotherapist practising in Maida Vale, West London.

I specialise in relieving anxiety, stress, nervousness in social situations, depression, panic attack, addictions, and phobias, and improving self confidence, setting up personal goals and reaching them.

Stress, anxiety, phobias, depression, panic attacks are some of the problems that can be relieved and resolved by hypnotherapy and energy psychology methods that I employ. My approach to healing helps build self-esteem, and confidence, improve public speaking performance, reduce and control weight, control anger,  improve sleep quality, help stop smoking and other addictions, improve and resolve  personal relationship issues.

In addition to the above, allergies, various skin problems, migraine, and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and many other conditions are treatable by hypnotherapy.

I aim to help my clients to accomplish rapid, genuine and long lasting change to reach their highest potential. Everything about healing comes down to one simple rule: recognise and affirm your emotions and you have the power to control them. I use select methods of hypnosis, relaxation, visualization, mindfulness meditation and related methods to achieve these goals.

My approach to self-transformation is based on learning to affirm the present moment, undoing learned past patterns of thinking and behaviour, and setting goals for the future


I also employ age regression, visualisation, and energy oriented systems to enable long lasting change. 

Many of our fears and anxieties stem from the tension between self-preservation and self-freedom. Our early childhood conditioning and schooling often means that we loose our inborn ability to be in touch with our true feelings and emotions. The way we experience things and events are often replaced by the way things should be. As our true personal experiences are replaced by externally conditioned expectations, our sense of freedom and worth give way to regrets for missed opportunities and a associated guilt for not living up to the others’ standards.ghr logo (registered practitioner) - transparency -WEB

At the core of my approach personal transformation is  learning to achieve a deep level of relaxation that frees mind and body from conditioned patterns of behaviour and feelings. This often results in the removal of false self-limiting beliefs, and growth of an integrated wholesome self with expanded horizons and visions.

Training, Qualifications & Experience

I completed my training with Dr. John Butler, a pioneer in the field and a highly regarded educator and practitioner. My other trainer and mentor Sharon Young is also a well-known and respected hypnotherapist. I am a member of GHR . I hold a PhD in Information Science from City University London, and taught in a number of universities internationally. My training and research in Information Science, and academic career as teacher at international level provided me the essential skills and qualities needed in communicating with people with different backgrounds and interests, and from different age groups and cultures. My  knowledge of the way language and information shape our understanding of the world helped me to integrate my past experience with my hypnotherapy practice.

I firmly believe that each individual has the capacity to fully develop her/his potential and achieve the very best in life.

I  research and teach creativity and innovation in organisational contexts. Here’s the link to my book on that topic.


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