What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state of mind, enhanced by (although not exclusively) mental and physical relaxation, in which our subconscious mind is able to communicate with our conscious mind.

Who can  be Hypnotised ?

Virtually everyone. Anyone can be hypnotised as long as they want to be and have an ability to concentrate. A hypnotherapist can not force you to go into hypnosis against your will.

Who may benefit from Hypnotherapy?

The answer to is again ‘virtually everyone’. Given that hypnotherapy can be utilised to access a person’s inner potential and that probably no one is performing to their actual potential, then this answer is literally true.  It is the innate healing capacity of our own body that may be stimulated by Hypnotherapy. Consequently, the list of problems which may be amenable to Hypnotherapy is far too long and varied to catalogue but certainly includes: stress, anxiety, panic, phobias, unwanted habits and addictions (e.g. smoking, overeating, alcoholism), disrupted sleep patterns, lack of confidence and low self-esteem, fear of examinations and public speaking, allergies and skin disorders, migraine and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Will I lose my control in Hypnosis?

Regardless of how deeply people may go in hypnosis and however passive they may appear to be, they actually remain in full control of the situation. They are fully able to talk if they wish to (or not, as the case may be) and can stand up and leave the room at any time. Neither can a hypnotised person be made to do anything against their usual ethical or moral judgement or religious belief.

How many sessions will I need ?

The methods we employ are considered as “brief therapies”.  Ussually,  3 or 4 sessions are  sufficient for most problems, but sometimes more or less sessions are required. It all depends on the individual and her or his unique circumstances. We want to help you in the minimum number of sessions possible. You and the hypnotherapist will review your progress so that at any time you can make a valued judgement about how the therapy is progressing.

How Often will I Need to See the Therapist ?

It depends on the type of problem and on the progress made. The therapist will usually see you once a week. However some clients see the therapist once a fortnight or even less frequently depending on the individual’s circumstances.

Where can I See You?

We have bases at Holborn/Clerkenwell (Bilgi, Murat), Maida Vale (Murat), Fulham (Bilgi).

What Is The Next Step?

You can contact us to arrange an appointment or for further questions by clicking here.

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